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Welcome to Valour Capital

Structuring Real Estate Projects

Valour Capital specializes in sourcing, advising, structuring, capitalizing (through debt financing) and managing real estate projects to generate effective investment returns for our partners.

Our projects include commercial (office, retail, industrial) income properties, multi-residential income properties, construction projects and development projects. We structure investment opportunities to allow both smaller and larger real estate investors to participate in real estate projects of varying size through mortgage investment.

Investment placements are in the form of secured debt (mortgage) positions. Our objective is to create value in real estate and generate superb mortgage investment returns for our partners.

Extensive Real Estate Knowledge and Experience

Our team has expertise in real estate acquisition, finance, construction, development and asset management. Through a team approach on every project, we harness our knowledge and experience to create value and wealth in the real estate projects we present. We follow a formal due diligence process and work up a Real Estate Investment Plan for each project.

Depending on the project, we will function either as the Project/Property/Asset Manager or as (at a minimum) an Investor Project Monitor and remain appropriately involved in all projects from start to finish. Meeting the objectives of our Investor Partners is paramount. We establish joint venture relationships with developer/builder partners and property owners. Our mission is to bring well founded projects to our Mortgage Investors, manage risk and manage the process to deliver excellent investment returns.


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